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AfroComicCon is a Fun, Educational, and Interactive Event for the whole family!

Due to COVID-19 concerns, the annual event started in 2017 by the Oakland Technology & Education Center (OTEC) will be held virtually and free to the public via the AfrocomicCon website. AfroComicCon will be a day full of exciting panels, screenings of the AFCC International Film Festival winners, entertainment, gaming, cosplay, and special guests, as well as a virtual marketplace!

Panels are scheduled across multiple interests including Comics, Writing, Animation, Fitness, Social Justice, and Writing. Each panel will be hosted by a thought leader in each discipline including celebrity guests, industry experts, and creatives.

Also, participants and fans of all ages will enjoy entertainment throughout the day. Including a Live DJ stream, a Gaming tournament, Film Festival, musical guests, and a Virtual Cosplay Competition.

AfroComicCon’s goal is to provide a welcoming and safe virtual space for underrepresented nerds of color. Regardless of age, gender identity, sexual preference, religious beliefs, or special needs, all are invited to celebrate science-fiction, fantasy, comic books, gaming, and more in this special virtual event.

AfroComicCon 2020 Programming


Anime Illustration Tutorial – Clip Studio Paint Sponsored by Wacom

A workshop on how I create my artwork.

Black Anime Makeup Workshop

Cosplay Makeup tips and tutorial



An insight into the production pipeline and process when producing ORANGE CITY

Designing Character

Watch concept artist/illustrator Jordan McCreacken-Foster as he shows how to design a character from start to finsih. In this workshop, Jordan discusses his process demonstrating how he uses reference boards, thumbnails, color, and various storytelling techniques required to creat an original character.

Entrepreneurial journey into animation, Advertising, Design, and Tech

The motivation, the ways and the means to get there may be varied but are there a set of prerequisites to make it in the world of high tech and creative design?

Future X

Developing an animated show from A to Z

The first steps of Visual Storytelling – Story Boarding is the foundation of Animation

The Copeland Brothers life and times through Story Boarding! Find out how two brothers who loved to draw became directors of Marvel and DC animated films and are now directors at Dream Works. At the same time, learn the basics of storybaording!

The Story of SOUL

Join Pixar Animation Studios Story Artist Michael Yates as he discusses his background, professional path, and gives you an inside look at the story process for Disney and Pixar’s newest film, SOUL, releasing on Disney+ December 25. Michael will also discuss being part of Pixar’s Internal Culture Trust and the importance of authenticity in creating the studio’s first African American protagonist.

Comic Book

Black Representation

Why it’s so important to support black indie comics. And we’ll have a list of great black creators to support


This year, FairSquare Comics grew from a “hobby” for its founder to full fledged publisher. Why? Because the world has changed forever and we couldn’t stay silent anymore. FairSquare Comics became a different kind of publisher, putting out “comics for the rest of us”: projects from immigrants, minorities, LGBTQ+ and more. And the first project to be launched had to be one opening the mic for black American creators to raise their voices. This is how NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK was born and brought in nearly $50k on Kickstarter.

Create Your Character

Join Dill in creating your own original character, from initial design to backstory and personality.

Hip-Hop And Comics: Cultures Combining

Hip-Hop and comics exist in constant communication: namehecking and reflecting each other, trading ideas back and forth, and sharing many common inspirations and influences. In this program, creators and innovators will join historian and journalist Patrick A. Reed to discuss the ties between these two vital creative cultures.

Launching Successful Comics & Kickstarters

This session will delve deeper into the world of indie comics and how some of the industries top creators build robust universes, deliver high quality content and reach the masses with kickstarter.

Queer Comics Creators Panel

A discussion with comic book writers about creating as an LGBTQ+ artist and developing characters that speak to our audience.

FLASH (Fit Like a SuperHero!)

Fly Fit Lenise

During my session, I will teach a 30 minute stretch mobility session that is geared towards the average gamer and comic book reader. I will also do a short live performance in a costume to celebrate Afrocon. I will have two other guest do a performance as well. Each performance will not be over 4 minutes

Harley Quinn Workout (FLASH)

Wonder how Harley Quinn always escapes in the nick of time? Join me for a Harley inspired workout featuring agility training and core work – 30 minutes. Why should Heroes have all the fun?

Let’s Get Cooking With Charles The Chef!

Let’s Get Cooking shares the importance of eating healthy and exercise for children and adults alike.

Movement is Life

This 30 minute hip hop dance workshop will get you moving, grooving and fit like a superhero. You’ll have fun, be uplifted, and moved by good music. Great for the entire family!

Secrets behind the scenes of Avatar the Last Airbender and Martial Arts Master Sifu Kisu


BLACKAF Roundtable

An honest conversation between black creatives within the tabletop & gaming communities about the realities of racism & prejudices they face within said communities

Concept Art for Games

This intro to Concept Art for Games, takes a look at how concept art is used in video games, which skills, and techniques, and what it takes to be successful in the highly competative gaming industry as a concept artist!

How Video Games are Made

How video games are made – a discussion about the process of how games are made and careers in game developement

The Art of Game Design:

Two professional video game designers will take you on a jouney through their lives from childhood through to working at companies like Namaco, Sega, and Activision. Get inspired by their stories and experience to find your own path to a career in the video game industry

The Intersection of Game Technology & Film


The Many Faces of Code

Game designers and game programmers share stories about how they use code. They talk about differences and similarites in how code fits into their respective workflows.

Hollywood Production

Angelique Fawcette Interview – Focus, Determination and Perseverance in Film Production
Breaking into Hollywood Through Web Series

Learn about the art of writing and producing web series and how to to leverage this strategy to break into Hollywood! You’ll get to hear from Moon Ferguson, Creator of JuJu Web Series, Nova Sparks, Author and Writer of upcoming web series Widow’s Peak. The conversation will be moderated by Theo Hollingsworth, Creator and Start of Sirius Lee: The Problematic Time Transplant, which is appearing in this Season’s AfroComicCon International Film Festival.

Producers of TV and Film
The Cast of All That from the Atlanta Culture Experience hosted by The Prime Nostalgia Podcast
The Road from A-Z – Becoming a Successful Tv Writer in Today’s Crowded Landscape
The Road from A-Z. Becoming a Successful Tv Writer in Today’s Crowded Landscape

What’s the key to creating lasting success in Hollywood? First, it’s honing your craft. Second, it’s knowing the difference between “Breaking in” and “Making it last”. Third… well you’ll just have to come to the Becoming a Successful Tv Writer in Today’s Crowded Landscape panel to find out more. Join professional writers Liz Benjamin, Bianca Sams Mercedes Valle, Maya Houston and Kate McCarthy for a fun and frank conversation about what it really takes to survive and thrive in the high-stakes world of Film and Television. How they got in. How they stayed in. How they’re building bridges for lasting success. Spaces are limited, so RSVP today.


Keeping it Real: Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Fandom in Fiction for Young Readers

In this conversation, award-winning authors Aya de Leon and Torrey Maldonado will discuss the role of magic, fantasy, science fiction and comic book fandom in their young adult, middle grade and children’s chapter books. How do supernatural elements and storylines bring stories to life, whether it’s sci-fi or more realistic fiction? In particular, how do these elements help us explore issues of race, gender, and other political issues for young readers?

Living in your Truth – Black and Nerd
Our Comic Strips, Past and Present
Publishing Diverse Children’s Picture Books

An award winning African-American children’s book author and an independent illustrator will discuss the benefits and challenges of sending your children’s picture book into the world. Discussions will include: Best practices for creating and completing a picture book (Writing, editing, & illustrating) as well as Social Media Marketing, and selling independently on Amazon.

Wakanda Dream Lab: Worldbuilding for Abolitionist Futures

At Wakanda Dream Lab, we believe that worldbuilders harvest the abundant, radical imaginations to manifest what once seemed impossible into an irresistible inevitability. These are the times for new dreams, dreamers and immersive dream experiences to emerge. Since 2018, we’ve produced those dreams of the future into immersive storytelling experiences through an augmented anthology series called “Black Freedom Beyond Borders.” In the spirit of these times, Wakanda Dream Lab partnered with PolicyLink to launch a speculative writer’s room project called “Worldbuilding for Abolitionist Futures.” From Juneteenth to July 4th – this cohort of future-facing, speculative creative writers gathered to dream of a world rooted in the values of abolition, liberation and justice. This roundtable features several of the contributing writers, and impact producer, Calvin Williams, to discuss the creative worldbuilding process. And most importantly, we will invite the audience to participate in the worldbuilding experience by sharing the immersive AR anthology stories that dream of safety and freedom beyond the borders of police, prisons and punitive systems. Dream With Us!

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