A ‘Wonder Woman’ Returns to her Roots at AfroComicCon

Onika Day, award-winning actress, director, writer, and producer, is excited to come home to the Bay Area and AfroComic Con. The daughter of a retired chairman of the Art Department at San Francisco City College, Onika and her father happily discovered AfroComic Con last year.

“I actually stumbled upon an invitation for the First AfroComic con Instagram when I was visiting home for a week and was really excited about the concept! I invited my Dad to come along with me and we were hooked! It was such a great experience to see how touched my Dad was to see so many Artists of Color doing such amazing work!”

Onika, inspired by the gathering of creative and talented people of color at AfroComicCon and feeling a kinship with the values and objectives of AfroComic Con’s parent organization, Digital Underground Storytelling for Youth (D.U.S.T.Y.), decided to participate in this year’s event along with other notable artists. Considered “at-risk” when she was younger, Onika found an outlet in participating in art and performance programs. These earlier experiences shaped her life and gave her a foundation for the success she enjoys today. In addition to her full-plate of acting, writing, and producing, Onika finds the time to extend the power and healing that comes from art and creativity.

“I have been involved with BookPals and Young Storytellers through the Screen Actors Guild, where we read various books and interact with a group of kids, engage with a PenPals, and also work with kids where they write scenes about whatever topic they are passionate about. At the end of the program, Celebs come in to read/perform their work on stage. It’s such a satisfying experience for them. I feel that all of the artists that are able to display/share their work at AfroComic Con feel that sense of pride from the praise they receive from visitors and fellow Artists.”

In addition to a passion for the arts and creative non-profit activities, Onika is a genuine geek having parents that passed on their love of comics and science fiction to their offspring. Her parents even did a photo shoot of her dressed as Wonder Woman.

“I was called weirdo a lot of the time by some of my peers, but I never took offense to it because I basically got along with everyone. I was intrigued by people who [seemed not to be] able to express themselves with ease except when you saw them draw, paint, discuss comic book characters, play Dungeons and Dragons, [and] write. Expressing themselves in any other way that might not be the “Norm”, [but] brought me joy.”

And she has indulged this joy by attending New York and San Diego Comic-Cons and following comics, both classic and new. She discovered one of her latest interests at last year’s AfroComic Con when she came across Avy Jetter’s “Nothing Good Ever Happens at 4 am” comic series.

After her participation in this year’s event, Onika will go back to producing her latest feature film “God, the Crackhouse and the Devil” and developing a sci-fi television series about which she is keeping mum. Come meet her and see if you can get her to talk about it this Saturday in Emeryville.

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