Social Justice

Presented by:

Kuresse Bolds Danny Quick


Danny Quick


1 – 1:50 PST

Black creators reclaiming art space to CREATE.

This panel opens up the discussion on how societal pressures attempt to throw Black creators (whether it’s an artist, performer, music writer, etc.) in if not one, few limiting categories. It’s always expected that our work is social commentary or talking about a hardship just so people from the outside looking in can extract that only narrative from us (and even then we are thrown parameters on what and what not to do). We are more than our bad times, but our joyous times as well. This panel is not saying that making social commentary art is bad but emphasizing that we are more than that. Black creators reclaiming art space to simply CREATE shines a light on how we are skilled and versatile in anything and everything and that in and of itself is inherently “Black art”. It is us that make that call, not the outside determining that.

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