Hollywood Production

Presented by:

Bianca Sams, Mercedes Valle, Maya Houston, Kate McCarthy and Liz Benjamin


Liz Benjamin and Bianca Sams


3 – 3:50 PST

“The Road from A-Z. Becoming a Successful Tv Writer in Today’s Crowded Landscape”

What’s the key to creating lasting success in Hollywood? First, it’s honing your craft. Second, it’s knowing the difference between “Breaking in” and “Making it last”. Third… well you’ll just have to come to the Becoming a Successful Tv Writer in Today’s Crowded Landscape panel to find out more. Join professional writers Liz Benjamin, Bianca Sams Mercedes Valle, Maya Houston and Kate McCarthy for a fun and frank conversation about what it really takes to survive and thrive in the high-stakes world of Film and Television. How they got in. How they stayed in. How they’re building bridges for lasting success. Spaces are limited, so RSVP today.

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