Presented by:

Calvin Williams, Shawn Taylor, Amber Butts, Walidah Imarisha, Naudika Williams


Thaddeus Howze


12 – 12:50 PST

Wakanda Dream Lab: Worldbuilding for Abolitionist Futures

At Wakanda Dream Lab, we believe that worldbuilders harvest the abundant, radical imaginations to manifest what once seemed impossible into an irresistible inevitability. These are the times for new dreams, dreamers and immersive dream experiences to emerge. Since 2018, we’ve produced those dreams of the future into immersive storytelling experiences through an augmented anthology series called “Black Freedom Beyond Borders.” In the spirit of these times, Wakanda Dream Lab partnered with PolicyLink to launch a speculative writer’s room project called “Worldbuilding for Abolitionist Futures.” From Juneteenth to July 4th – this cohort of future-facing, speculative creative writers gathered to dream of a world rooted in the values of abolition, liberation and justice. This roundtable features several of the contributing writers, and impact producer, Calvin Williams, to discuss the creative worldbuilding process. And most importantly, we will invite the audience to participate in the worldbuilding experience by sharing the immersive AR anthology stories that dream of safety and freedom beyond the borders of police, prisons and punitive systems. Dream With Us!

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