Presented by:

Annabel Ashaley-Anthony, Alan Ashalley-Anthony, Donavan Shard, Laura Wilson, Koye John-Charles


Annabel Ashalley-Anthony


4 – 4:50 PST

What is Melanin Gamers

Melanin Gamers is dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in the video games industry. It is more than a gaming community it is a show of support, a cry for some desperately needed change and as a safe space, an online and in real life community for people of colour to come together, share ideas and feel represented. We want to be seen and heard. It is a necessity in the current climate we are living in and we believe that by creating this platform we will be able to strive towards changing an industry so that it reflects all those who are part of it. We are not calling for needless tokenism but a real shift in the tide, from the grassroots to the very top.

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