AfroComicCon Podcast Presents: A conversation with Jason Austin

Jason Austin is a well-known artist and entrepreneur from Vallejo CA.  Fueled by his fascination with people, Jason’s art has been featured in Art Business News and shown in Los Angles, Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York.  Each piece portrays a certain emotion leading the viewer on a journey of self-exploration.

Jason’s artwork can be characterized by composition, design, and mood, creating a sense of honesty.  According to Jason, “Faces sometimes convey mystery, insight, and power”.  These are qualities he brings out in his art, rather than an exact representation of a person.  His pieces are not always based directly on an actual person.  They are created as a composite of people known, and sometimes people observed during the usual day to day activities.

In this interview, Greg Bridges discusses with Jason the roots of his inspiration, the motivation behind his superhero art, and the positioning of his businesses, My Superhero Tees and  I Am Perfect Brown, which Jason set up for his young daughter after an incident at her school.

Enjoy this inspirational discussion!

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