AfroComicCon 2020 is coming!

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AfroComicCon is the premiere comic con event for people of color and the African diaspora in the Bay Area. BLAM is Black, Latino, Asian, Manifested
-AfroComicCon™ entertains, educates, and unites a diverse, global audience around comics, art media, technology, and culture. We establish a platform to showcase and empower artists who have historically been denied access to equal opportunity.-
AFCC´s three day event is an innovative exciting fresh new type of comic convention that combines, art, tech, workshops, gaming, cosplay, fashion, writing, creativity pitches for funding, webtv, film, VR, and more, featuring industry professionals and aspiring new artists and creators. We provide artists, and dreamers who are looking for the next possible break, the chance to connect, learn and grow.

In 2018 we introduced FLASH: Fit Like a Super Hero!  We bring superhero teachers of African Diaspora dance forms and martial arts plus fitness with a superhero theme to the community! Through culturally rich art/movement forms we will inspire the people to empower themselves through healthier lifestyles; eating smarter and moving more!

Last year we also introduced gaming at AfroComicCon. We had over 6 rooms and spaces dedicated to different aspects of gaming: from panel discussions and workshops to a gaming expo where up and coming game developers could demonstrate their games and last but not least, we had a game playing area with top of the line video games brought by Show Down and sponsored by The Kapor Center!

Our fashion show last year was epic! Led by Jasline Berry and James Head, people were blown away by the drama and the pageantry, the designs, models and sound, and light/video show. It was a top highlight of the day!

Finally, in 2018 we rolled out our first annual mini-film fest and competition for both adults and a separate youth film fest on our Free Youth Community Day! We were honored to have the multi-talented hip hop artist and breakout film director extraordinaire Boots Riley who was interviewed by Zahrah Farmer at our Friday night film fest, excerpts were later shown on her show “Days of Zahrah” on ABC.

We bring a wide variety of offerings under one roof so that our audience and participants have the chance to explore the possibilities of entrepreneurial creativity and production.

We have drawing, creating, movement, gaming, and writing workshops to name a few! We will have a fashion show, costume contest, musical performances, a POC Nerd Comedy Show, a mini- film festival and a Free Youth Community Day just for the kids! They will get free food, special workshops, and performances made just for youngsters, and some surprise giveaways!

Tickets for AfroComicCon 2020 will be available soon!


Hally Bellah-Guther

Hally has been a board member of Oakland Technology & Education Center (the non-profit that produces AfroComicCon) for over 5 years. She is co-founder and producer of AfroComicCon along with Michael James the Creator and co-founder. She is introducing FLASH this year to AFCC. In her other life, she's a master trainer and ballet teacher as well as a mom of three.

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