Pressing Pause

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I have a friend who became a political prisoner here in the US, incarcerated for five long years.  All his friends were worried that he would have a terrible time … Read More

Presenting Sifu Kisu, Chief Martial Arts Director and Consultant for Avatar: The Last Airbender!

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AfroComicCon 2018 is proud to announce that Sifu Kisu of Last Airbender fame will be joining us this year! Master Kisu has been a dedicated practitioner of Traditional Chinese Kung Fu for over 40 years and his daily practice has led him to understand how to transmit the physical/ energetic components in such a way that is open and accessible to the Western mind.

FLASH! Fit Like a Super Hero comes to AfroComicCon 2018

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With FLASH, we inspire, challenge, teach, coach and play games with the participants in order to identify and combat unhealthy programming caused by the avalanche of unhealthy choices our communities are bombarded with daily.  FLASH offers fun and inspiring, yet challenging exercise programs that engage and encourage a lifetime of fitness.