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Professor Onli  explains:

1. Humans are the only living animals that create art. Beavers, Bees, Birds, and Ants are builders but don’t radically modify their designs based on personal or esthetic ideas.

2. Comic book readers tend to have above-average reading scores.
3. Comic books were invented in the United States. The artists and writers of comic books are referred to as “creators.”
4. The comic book industry is usually divided into the following categories: Golden Age, Silver Age, Marvel Age, Manga, Bande Dessinee, and The Black Age.
5. Art and visual artists can be found in every level of society regardless of class or culture. Every culture or social group has developed various standards and roles for the arts.
6. Certain traffic signs, hazard signs, instructional symbols, and icons can be viewed as contemporary manifestations of picture writing.