Resilience Birthright

Comic books,  Reusable Cotton Bag

Resilience is a superhero from the planet of Terravitae. Her purpose is to show people their inner power, unveiling their birthright to be resilient.

CEO, Founder, Writer, and Resilience
Jessica Jane Robinson, Miss Alameda, attended the University of San Francisco, where she received her BA degree in Performing Arts and Social Justice, minor in dance. Jessica participated as Miss Alameda for the 2010 and 2011 Miss California USA pageant. As Miss Alameda, she founded the grassroots program, “Miss Alameda Says Compost!” helping the City of Alameda address its Climate Protection Plan adopted in 2008 and helping the City of Alameda reach its diversion goals by 2020. Ms. Robinson has been an Al Gore Climate Leader since August 2012 and is in the top 1% out of 10,812 Climate Leaders around the world and has presented to over 17,130 people (2017). She has served on the Board of Directors for the Northern California Recycling Association since 2013 and served as treasurer from 2013-2016 and currently serves as a Vice President.