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Resilience Birthright

Comic books,  Reusable Cotton Bag Resilience is a superhero from the planet of Terravitae. Her purpose is to show people their inner power, unveiling their birthright to be resilient. JESSICA JANE ROBINSON CEO, Founder, Writer, and Resilience Jessica Jane Robinson, Miss Alameda, attended the University of San Francisco, where she received her BA degree in …

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Comics, Graphic Novels, T-Shirts, Action Figures and Posters Andre, being heavily influenced by the books he read in his 20’s and 30’s, as well as the music he listened to (Reggae and conscious Hip Hop), he began writing and writing and eventually developed his own likeness in an African American character. His passion for drawing …


Pixel Pirate Studio LLC

 Comics Pixel Pirate Studio is a 2x Emmy nominated animation studio that focuses on original content and entertainment development.

Cartoon Illustrations by Murphy Milburn

☺Independent Cartoonist based in San Francisco, CA who creates self-published alternative comic books as well as cartoon illustrations. ?I am also accepting character sketch request. Message me to discuss details.


Graphic Novels, T-Shirts, Original Art and Prints Professor Onli  explains: 1. Humans are the only living animals that create art. Beavers, Bees, Birds, and Ants are builders but don’t radically modify their designs based on personal or esthetic ideas. 2. Comic book readers tend to have above-average reading scores.   3. Comic books were invented …


Mastermind Comics

Original manga, comics, shirts, buttons, hats, backpacks. Is a media and entertainment company that creates manga and comics that impact people’s lives. We also publish music and comics and mangas as well! We have different shows that we do such as Manga Monday Review, Mastermind Comics Con Edition, and Artist Motivation Show. We also go …

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Joseph Cotsirilos

Comics, zines, and small booklets. I write comics about immigration, being Latino, Islamophobia, and the LGBTQ community. JOSEPH COTSIRILOS is a writer & cartoonist. His work has appeared in places like Ashcan Magazine, Aviary, Inter-Connected-Circles, On Verge, and anthologies like Not My Small Diary. His work has also been featured on Tumblr’s homepage, in art galleries, and numerous comic book conventions. Winner of the Ara Jo Memorial …

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Abyssinia Media Group®

Posters, T-shirts, and Digital Comics for AMG® franchises, The Adigun Ogunsanwo™, and Ayele Nubian Warrior™.