Cosplay Afterparty

SAE Expression College 6601 Shellmound St. Emeryville, CA 94608 7 pm - 11 pm

This event is an after-party, fashion show, and meet & greet for the Writer’s and Creator’s Conference hosted at SAE Expressions Media College. Cosplay, as you may know, is a contraction of the words costume and play.  There will be Performance Art with costumed dancers. We are creating a different kind of event featuring cosplay.  Cosplayers will wear costumes depicting various characters who are overlooked and or not as popular as other comic book heroes. We are also looking to support new fashion accessories and the artist that will be contributing to the show.  We would like to create an interactive sub culture of newly developed characters to support a broader definition of the term  Cosplay.   Egyptian, Steampunk, and Caribbean Costume dancers will all participate.  This event will lend itself to a dramatic interpretation that will support gender-switching, manga, and anime, comic book and cartoons newly developed, characters, video game,  and live action film, or television and WebTV series characters. Besides the Geek Fashion Show, there will also be a DJ, a live Samba band, dancing, food and drinks.

A Cosplay after-party and the Geek Fashion Show! This is the first annual Cosplay Party and Fashion Show. This year’s event will be organized by a group of experienced Cosplayers, and a group of students from various art schools in the SF Bay Area.  This Cosplay Event will become the Bay Area’s premiere event of the year and the years to come because we are drawing different genres of cosplayers together to create a new inclusive form. This event will be every year a week before Halloween.  The city of Oakland has always been in the shadow of San Francisco.  However,  with the worldwide attention, Oakland has received through the successes of the Golden State Warriors winning two championships, Oakland has been named one of 5 most desired places to visit.  We can count among our participants some of the largest groups of anime, gaming, toy, comic book & collectibles, and cosplayers in the country.

Afterparty DJ

Darealwordsound (Da-Real-Word-Sound) is the RAP NERD to send soundwaves and shockwaves into outer space. He invites you to join him in a RAP NERD REVOLUTION. Video games, comics, cartoons, and anime fandom are infused into his eccentric flow with hard-hitting nerdcore beats. His big-hearted and passionate persona has led to performing at several conventions and festivals, teaching the art of beatmaking at various K-12 schools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, convention and festival performances, and organizing benefit shows for foster youth.

People are left in shock and awe when they see Darealwordsound perform. New fans always say, “I never liked Rap until I saw you smiling and rocking the crowd.” Join the Rap Nerd Revolution with Darealwordsound and bring him to your next festival, convention, showcase, or even birthday party. He is an emcee, producer, deejay, beatmaking instructor, and a community leader…he is the Rap Nerd Super Hero needed in our lives. For booking or more information on Darealwordsound please visit

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