FLASH! Fit Like a Super Hero comes to AfroComicCon 2018

Fit Like A Super Hero

Fit Like A Superhero (FLASH) is a unique fitness program sponsored by the Oakland Technology and Education Center (OTEC ) and by AfroComicCon.  Hally Bellah-Guther, the creator of FLASH is a Master Trainer/Certified Olympic trainer with 24 Hour Fitness as well as a former professional dancer with an international stage career.

With FLASH, we inspire, challenge, teach, coach and play games with the participants in order to identify and combat unhealthy programming caused by the avalanche of unhealthy choices our communities are bombarded with daily.  FLASH offers fun and inspiring, yet challenging exercise programs that engage and encourage a lifetime of fitness.

We will help people of all ages to become Fit Like A Superhero by offering programs that excite, energize and inspire them to have a healthier lifestyle.

To learn more about FLASH visit our Projects page.

Our goal is to combat America’s fastest growing health epidemic, childhood and adult obesity through the love of comic book and superhero characters, and other culturally enriching art and movement forms.

In addition to being influenced by environmental and socioeconomic factors, statistics show affected groups face dire consequences of obesity such as high blood pressure, diabetes, chronically poor heart health and premature death.

Gentry Smith

Gentry Smith is a business consultant and author.  He assists emerging Bay Area businesses that have a holistic, person-centered approach to community service.  Gentry is also the founder of Alkebulan Holistic, a Holistic Health Care Consultancy serving Oakland, CA and Huntsville, AL.

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