AfroComicCon Gaming Outline


The AfroComicCon Gaming Track will consist of 3 exciting rooms, The Classroom, Arcade, and the Expo Floor. The Classroom will focus on talks and workshops from a wide range of professionals in the game industry including artists, programmers, developers, and more! The Arcade will be filled with the latest games on all platforms along with some of the most notable classics. The Arcade will also host a tournament with swag and cash prizes. The Expo Floor will house a dozen local game developers and their most recent titles for attendees to play and get the inside scoop.

3 Rooms:  Expo-room, Playroom, Classroom

Panel Discussion:
The connection between Comics, Cosplay, Fashion, and Gaming?

Expo: 10 Games

  • Demo Games
  • local indie gamers showing their wears
  • developers will also be  in the gaming rooms

We provide tables, chairs, and power outlets.  Developers must bring their own computers, systems, controllers, etc.

Game Room:

  • 1 Room
  • 10 Tables
  • 40 Chairs
  • 10 Power outlets
  • 5 games/developers from Gameheads

Play Room:

  • Just playing mainstream games (selected by their connection to characters and or makers of color)

Round Tables & Talks

  • 10 Speaker
  • 1 Room
  • 1 hour per Talk / Round Table
    • Talks
      • 40 minutes per talk,
      • 10 min for questions
      • 10 min buffer
    • Round Table
      • 5 minutes Introduction
      • 25 minutes discussion
      • 5 minutes Guided Midway
      • 20 minutes discussion
      • 5 minutes closing statements

Let’s Play:

  • 10 Games / Stations
  • Gaming Room with old and current mainstream titles.
  • Focused on games created by black developers or games with black characters.
  • Information Pamphlets and Posters detailing why these games are relevant to the black gaming community.

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