Jabari Alii
Indie Game Developer Jabari Alii

Jabari Alii

Jabari Alii is a designer, composer, producer, and educator who strives to create captivating experiences through visual media. He is the founder and creative director for Blue Alchemy Studio, an indie game studio currently developing their first title, Planet Rise. Jabari is also the gaming director for AfroComicCon 2018. His expertise ranges from orchestral composition and game design, to project management, web design, and SEO. Jabari studied music education in Washington DC at Howard University and has recently returned to his hometown, Oakland CA to further his exploration of tech and education. In addition to designing his game and helping organize AfroComicCon, Jabari works as a freelance composer and project manager. Jabari has a large passion for education and is always looking for ways to share his knowledge and experience with the youth and community.

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