James C. Earl-Rockefeller, III


James C. Earl-Rockefeller, III professionally known as James “Rockenthouse” (Rock-in-the-house) is a working television and event public address announcer. He has performed continuously from opening announcements for award shows to sporting events. He has voiced commercials for numerous Fortune 500 brands to include; Dodge, Cadillac, Pizza Hut, Honda, Metro PCS and Dickies. His feature film work spans five independant projects. He also has audio-recording credits on several musical projects and children’s motivational sports CD featuring sports legends: NBA’s Bill Russell, Brian Shaw, NFL’s Raymond Chester, MLB’s Joe Morgan, Mike Norris, Vida Blue and Bip Roberts.

His latest projects as a public address announcer includes; “Crackin’ Up”, a stand-up comedy program and Youth Sports Nation, an organization featuring legendary pro athletes and recording artist. Rocke started his professional career as a stand-up comedian having performed alongside renowned stand-up, television and movie comics. Working as a VJ for a popular Bay Area television network motivated Rocke to create VJTV The Visual Radio NETWORK, an entertainment television entity that has press covered The Academy Awards, NAACP Image Awards, BET Awards, Heroes and Legends Awards and other celebrity-studded presentations. VJTV is also a content provider for the national cable network TV One.

Rocke’s moniker, “That Announcer Guy” stems from performing public address at events and bringing a vintage flair to the profession with his gameshow voice tone, signature plaid jackets, large framed eyeglasses and microphone lapel pin reminds audiences of classic television announcers with his true to art form.

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