Jason Mayden


Jason Mayden, the man behind the generation-shaping enterprise, Super Heroic, has been a designer of iconic footwear for athletes like Michael Jordan, the first to design award-winning footwear specifically for kids and, although he can’t quite believe it, he’s also the entity behind ‘Jason Mayden Day’ – March 17th in Austin, TX. Have you ever noticed that Jason Mayden and Batman have never been seen in the same room together? Suspicious, right? Both men have their own national day and both consider themselves “a regular guy”, yet both are making history. Mayden’s mission has always been to share his powers with future generations and to help them discover their own. Featuring on multiple ‘most inspiring lists’, including Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business and EBONY Power 100, he’s been celebrated as one of the most inspiring and influential leaders of color, impacting and shaping our world today.

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