Active and impactful environmental leader in the Bay Area
Active and impactful environmental leader in the Bay Area

Jessica Robinson

Jessica Jane Robinson has been a zero-waste practitioner and active and impactful environmental leader in the Bay Area for over a decade and has served as Vice President of the Northern California Recycling Association since 2018, and as treasurer from 2013-2016. Ms. Robinson has been an Al Gore Climate Leader, since August 2012 among the 19,000 climate leaders from 154 countries around the world. She is ranked by the organization in the top 50 and top 1% for the impact she has had since becoming a climate leader. From 2012-2019, she has presented 110 times and reached over 27,000 audience members. Known for her creativity and multi-faceted approach to environmental education and outreach, she used her platform as Miss Alameda, a crown she held from 2010-2011, to showcase sustainability and climate issues by creating a character she played called “Recycle Woman” complete with costume and superhero cape. The character evolved into an imaginative story and was renamed “Resilience”, and a graphic novel series called “Resilience Birthright” was launched in 2018. In her hometown of Alameda, she used the Miss Alameda platform to launch a grassroots program she called “Miss Alameda Says Compost!”, which helped the city address the Climate Protection Plan it adopted in 2008. Her efforts were also crucial in helping Alameda work toward reaching it diversion goals by 2020.

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