Black Joy Parade 2019!

Calling all Cosplayers! Join us in representing all colors of the Diaspora and culture at the Black Joy parade, February 24th.  Meet us at 12 pm at the latest at 14th & Harrison Streets in Oakland!

AfroComicCon celebrates the vast range of creativity and artistic body expression of our community and invites cosplayers or people who just want to dress up in their own creation to join us in the AfroComicCon section of the parade!

The parade will begin at the corner of 14th St. and Harrison St., Oakland, CA, at 12:30 PM. It will finish at the corner of Broadway and 20th St., and we will be celebrating in the four blocks between there and the corner of 22nd St. and Webster St. AfroComicCon will have a booth. There will be music, food and lots of vendors!

To sign up click here

and sign up to participate and  It’ll be a great day of fun, meeting new people, and giving your costume a test run for this year’s Afro Comic Con in Oct. 2019. We hope to see you at the Black Joy parade!


Genine Tyson

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