Malandro Mandingo: The Body Magic of Capoeira to AfroComicCon

Malandro Mandingo, the first African-American to be recognized as an official teacher of the Filhos de Bimba School of Capoeira, is bringing high energy and kinetic excitement to this year’s AfroComicCon.

Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines fighting, dance, and acrobatics was created by African slaves in 16th Century South America. This dynamic fighting style incorporates kicks, spins, flips, and speed and has been featured in many popular television shows and movies, including Netflix’s Luke Cage and Marvel Studio’s Black Panther.

Malandro is excited to share this unique contribution to the African diaspora. While Capoeira is popular and many are aware of its growth in Brazil, its African origins are less well-known to the general public and Malandro is out to change that. He does this in his school and he looks forward to sharing the art of capoeira with the attendees of AfroComic Con. He is scheduled to both do a demonstration and speak on a panel.

“[Capoeira’s] movements have been featured in many movies and tv programs but the history and it’s African roots have not been given the same attention. Here is my opportunity.”

In addition to showing off his martial art skills and knowledge of this specialized body art form. Professor Malandro is a fan of comics and loves the idea of being in a space full of people of color who are creatives and leaders in their field.

“I enjoy opportunities for people to be creative and fully dive into their imagination.”

Malandro will be hosting a cultural event, Zumbimba: Festa de Batizado, at his school, Filhos de Bimba California Bay Area School of Capoeira, November 1st through the 3rd, but you can meet him and his idol, Sifu Kisu, this Saturday at AfroComic Con. Come by and say hello to this Bay Area powerhouse!



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