Michael Davis: Award-winning Writer, Artist, Entertainment Executive, and Mentor Fosters Creative Excellence at AfroComicCon

Michael Davis, award-winning writer, artist, entertainment executive, and mentor will be at this year’s AfroComicCon doing his part to promote and foster creative excellence in communities of color.

A long-time lover of comics and creativity, Michael has been writing for well over 30 years. As one of the most innovative and leading-edge voices at Warner Bros., he was tapped to write for their new mature imprint Piranha Press in 1987 before co-founding Milestone Media, a company devoted to bringing the voices of the marginalized to light adding new stories and perspectives not seen in mainstream comics up until that point. Milestone Media was home to the Dakotaverse, an alternative DC Comics Universe which would eventually become canon as well as its most visible member, Static Shock.

After leaving Milestone, Michael went on to head creative, animation, and other project departments at Motown, Nickelodeon, Viacom, Magic Entertainment and more. But Michael is not focused just on his own success. He brings his considerable talent and drive to his mentorship program, Bad Boy Studios, which is started way before P. Diddy was Puff Daddy. The graduate list of his program reads like a who’s who in the comics, animation, and general media industries and he is as proud of his graduates as any father would be. He mentioned one of his most recent mentees got accepted to Yale and he spoke with a passion that suggested his heart was as big as his personality.

But decide that for yourself when you meet him. Michael will be presenting at AfroComic Con and looks forward with connecting with the talent here and regaling locals with colorful stories, tips, and insights about the comics industry.




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