Writer, Artist, Producer Michael Davis
Writer, Artist, Producer Michael Davis

Michael Davis

Michael Davis is an artist, writer, teacher, mentor, and entertainment executive.

He has created, written and produced notable work in television, radio, education, and publishing. Initially, an illustrator, art his first love, he studied at the High School of Art & Design and the Pratt Institute.

In 1987 DC Comics launched a new imprint: Piranha Press. Created for mature readers to reach a new market for the world’s largest comic book publisher, Michael was selected to illustrate ETC, the first project from Piranha. 1987 was also the year Michael founded (before Diddy) Bad Boy Studios, his media company, and mentor program. Bad Boy Studios’ mentor program alumni list reads like a “Who’s Who” of superstar talent, working in film, television, comics, and illustration.

Along with three partners, Michael co-founded Milestone Media in 1992.  Milestone’s joint venture with Time Warner became the gold standard in comic book publishing. The lavish distribution and publishing deal was the first ever by the entertainment giant with a Black-owned company. Milestone gave birth to a massively scaled multicultural universe told from a perspective never seen before in pop culture. The new world of characters distributed alongside Time-Warner’s DC comics.  

Since its debut in 1993, Milestone has sold millions of copies worldwide, making it the most successful Black comic book publisher in the world. Among fans, Milestone achieved legendary status, validated when Comic-Con International honored the company in 2013 and again in 2017’s documentary ‘The Color of Comics’ a behind the scene glimpse of Milestone, and it impacts pop culture and media.

In 1994, Michael left Milestone to head Motown Record’s new animation and film division as President and CEO of Motown Animation and Filmworks. His first move as CEO was to start a comic book line to create a universe of characters and content for multiple media platforms. Development deals with Disney, ABC, WB, Fox Kids and Nickelodeon soon followed. Cousin Skeeter, developed at Motown, ran from 1998 to 2001 on Nickelodeon. Static Shock, the hit Emmy award-winning animated show originally ran from 2000 to 2004 on the WB.

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