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Nathan Vargas

Nathan has been orbiting the comics industry ever since Junior High, as the founder of Blitz Comics and The MTheory Creative Foundation.

Both groups are obsessively focused on inventing creative exercises that help people rediscover their creative mojo. It’s a serious mission with a little sprinkle of self help advice thrown in. The best thing is, Nathan also relies on the very systems he’s developed, to help break through his OWN creative barriers.

Nathan is also the co-author of the popular online book titled “The 24 Hour Comic Day Survival Guide”, which was introduced at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. The book has been downloaded 10,000+ times since.

During that same Comic-Con event he joined a distinguished panel of speakers to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of 24-Hour Comics Day.

Nathan’s latest obsession is the development of the “Unified Story Theory”, an instruction manual for easily writing interesting and multi-faceted story scenes. It takes a “quantum view” of the process and breaks things down to their most fundamental “story particles”, uncovering the basic forces that make up all fiction.