Queen Nyoka
Artist Queen Nyoka

Queen Nyoka

Queen Nyoka, a Bay Area native, is the president of Kulcha Coloring Works Inc. At Kulcha Coloring Works, we make cartoons,coloring books, and clothing that represents all cultures. Queen Nyoka an artist with many talents came up with the idea for her company while book shopping for her first child, she noticed that there was no cultural coloring books, and even though at the time she couldn’t draw anything but stick figures, she didn’t let that deter her.

Fast forward 5 years later and she’s the author and illustrator of one of the most unique coloring books on the market, with the next edition to be released soon. Queen Nyoka believes that necessity is the mother of all knowledge, and if you want something, with hard work and determination and consistency you can achieve your goals, and in her words, ” Keep shining on em’ ! “

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