Rodney Barnes appearing at AfroComicCon, writer/producer extroadinaire!

Award-winning writer/producer Rodney Barnes has been said to be one of the rising African American creatives in Hollywood with projects ranging from The Boondocks to My Wife and Kids to Everybody Hates Chris and more than two hundred episodes as both a writer and a producer across multiple networks. His creative style and approach has resonated with the 18-45 marketplace from mainstream comedy to urban to animation, earning him top honors including an American Film Institute Award, A Peabody Awards and nominations for BET Comedy Awards, the Image Awards and Writer’s Guild of America.

A long-time advocate and leader of bringing diverse voices and faces to visual and print media, Rodney is excited to be a part of a premiere event featuring comic artists, writers, and entertainers from African-American and other communities of color.

The trend of diversity in entertainment has been gaining steam, creating a powerful juggernaut in Hollywood and beyond. Rodney has been at the forefront of that movement by writing and producing popular television shows, writing comics, and co-executive producing the NAACP Image Awards. “The only thing that will keep the trend moving in a positive direction is the level of work being of the highest quality. Good work will sustain the trend.”

In addition to his work on American Gods, Rodney is writing comics for Image, Lion Forge, and Aftershock Comics. He has penned stories for Marvel including Falcon and Secret Empire. He has pilots with STARZ and HBO and is writing five feature films slated to go into production next year.

Come to see Rodney on a panel sharing nuggets of wisdom from his amazing career on Saturday, October 20th.  Other AfroComicCon events are: a Mini-Film Festival Friday, October 19th and a free Youth Community Day Sunday, October 21st.   The one thing that we have heard from so many about last year’s event is that it was the most fun they ever had at a comic-con!

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