Sifu Kisu
Martial Arts Consultant Sifu Kisu

Sifu Kisu

Raised in Toronto, Canada, Sifu Kisu was first exposed to the world of martial arts at an early age. After spending time in the military he moved to Los Angeles and worked as an Executive Protection Specialist for many celebrities and VIPs. In the late 70’s, Sifu Kisu began studying karate and jujitsu with his uncles upon their return from Vietnam. Kisu was later sent off to learn Shorin-ryu under Robert Yarnell in St. Louis. After this, Sifu Kisu got involved with taekwondo, specifically the ITF fighting style system, and had the great fortune to study with Master Kong Eng Moo. He later accompanied Master Kong to the Kukkiwon in Korea. Kisu continued to learn taekwondo from his master and former Korean president Park Chung-hee’s bodyguards.

In 1980, he became a disciple of Master Hui Ho Kwong and trained with him for the next twenty-six years. During this time, Sifu Kisu was introduced to the Northern Shaolin style and learned that martial arts are not just about learning how to fight, but more importantly they are a vehicle to master oneself.

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