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The Art of Game Design:

Two professional video game designers will take you on a jouney through their lives from childhood through to working at companies like Namaco, Sega, and Activision. Get inspired by their stories and experience to find your own path to a career in the video game industry

Concept Art for Games

This intro to Concept Art for Games, takes a look at how concept art is used in video games, which skills, and techniques, and what it takes to be successful in the highly competative gaming industry as a concept artist!

What is Melanin Gamers

Melanin Gamers is dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in the video games industry. It is more than a gaming community it is a show of support, a cry for some desperately needed change and as a safe space, an online and in real life community for people of colour to come together, share ideas …

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How Video Games are Made

How video games are made – a discussion about the process of how games are made and careers in game developement

The Many Faces of Code

Game designers and game programmers share stories about how they use code. They talk about differences and similarites in how code fits into their respective workflows.