About AfroComicCon

AfroComicCon™ entertains, educates, and unites a diverse, global audience around comics, art media, technology, and culture.  We establish a platform to showcase and empower artists who have historically been denied access to equal opportunity.

AfroComicCon’s two-day event is an innovative exciting fresh new type of comic convention that combines, art, tech, workshops, gaming, cosplay, fashion, writing, creativity pitches for funding, webtv, film, VR, and more with featuring industry professionals and aspiring new artists and creators. We provide artists, and dreamers who are looking for the next possible break the chance to connect, learn and grow.  We bring a wide variety of offerings under one roof so that our audience and participants have the chance to explore the possibilities of entrepreneurial creativity and production.


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October 20th and 21st, 2018 at SAE Expression College in Emeryville, CA

Our event provides a supportive climate for our multifaceted, art, tech-media, learning, and networking experience that showcases the talents of underrepresented groups such as  professionals of color, and women. We provide a positive atmosphere which fosters creativity and innovation, encouraging the free flow of ideas and exchanges through respectful, trusting, and caring communication during the two day conference.  We provide a positive Comic Con, unlike the mainstream which have traditionally been places of exclusion. The reward for attendees, especially for children, comes through experiencing images, and stories featuring characters that they can identify with. This can have a positive effect on their success in school and careers.

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About Us

We began as a digital literacy program called; D.U.S.T.Y., (Digital Underground Storytelling for Youth) in 2001, which was designed to help bridge the literacy and digital divides for underprivileged youth living in San Francisco Bay Area, primarily focused on West and East Oakland. Fast forward to the present day, we are using comic books and graphic novels as a gateway to literacy, and a way to change the narrative. We are a 501c3 non-profit called Oakland Technology and Education Center.


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