AfroComicCon Free Youth Community Day

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AfroComicCon Free Youth

October 21


11:00 am - 04:00 pm

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Oakland Technology & Education Center (DUSTY) - AfroComicCon

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2301 Telegraph Avenue

Oakland, CA 94612

Oakland, CA, US, 94612


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October 21st, 2018

AfroComicCon Free Youth Community Day!

Chapter 510 The Department of Make Believe

2301 Telegraph, Oakland, 


This event is FREE and open to youth and families. It will be held in Oakland, CA – “BLAM!” stands for (Black, Latino, Asian, Manifested) presents the second annual AfroComicCon, (Free Youth CommuniyDAY) which is described as an educational Free comic con event, for youth and families. The event targets youth & people of color who are interested in comics within the Bay Area region. This event is a comic book, arts and writing convention, which is the third day of a three-day event. TheYouth Day event is scheduled to take place on October 21, 2018, at  The Chapter 510 The Department of Makebelieve, 2301 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, 94612.  Chapter 510 is a literacy non-profit which is opening its doors to AfroComicCon youth! 

Our mission vision is to open doors for youth and particularly people of color. We hope that event will inspire youth to produce images and begin sharing their own stories. Learn the basics of storytelling with a range of diverse fictional heroes and sheroes icons that will create an empowerment for young people of color. 

On this Day we will feature a host of engaging workshops and panel discussions focused on literacy, comic art, graphic novel, fine art creation, live art, and printing displays. The day is available to youth who will connect and learn from pros in the artistic industries while enjoying art and expression. There will be delicious free food for the kids and this co-founder Hally Bellah-Guther is rolling out a new program called FLASH, Fit Like a Super Hero!  There will be workshops and performances of African Diaspora Dance forms, martial arts, and fitness with a superhero theme

AfroComicCon is inviting individuals who believe that this is the time to change the status quo, promote diversity, and inclusion to bring our community together. “We have plans to continue this work far beyond this first conference,” shares co-founder Micheal James, founder of the non-profit Oakland Technology and Education Center AKA: D.U.S.T.Y.,  that produces AfroComicCon and all of its programs.


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Call Hally at (510) 333-9653

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